Selvatica is a family affair


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Born from a love of nature and years in our respective industries we've pooled our skills and passions in coffee roasting and horticulture to create Selvatica – a cosy Coburg oasis to feed your caffeine and plant addictions.

Selvatica Coffee, Specialty Coffee Roasters Melbourne

We are specialty coffee roasters.

Selvatica coffee is roasted in-house at 54 Gaffney Street, Coburg North. Here, you can buy your bags of roasted coffee beans to take home or order online for delivery.


We currently offer two blends and a rotation of single origins, with all of our green beans meticulously selected to reflect the flavours we are searching for. We use a small roaster so we can maintain complete control, and love nothing more than experimenting with different beans and roasting profiles to find delicious new flavours for you.

Selvatica Plants, Sustainable Plant Nursery

We pride ourselves on sustainability.

We are absolutely committed to sustainability and the environment here at Selvatica.

We are absolutely committed to sustainability and the environment here at Selvatica. Realising that every aspect of our business relies on a healthy planet, we've taken plenty of measures to ensure that we do our bit to look after the environment:

  • We installed a 10kW solar array before we roasted a single bean

  • We replaced all of our lights with LED's before we brought in a single plant

  • All green and coffee waste produced on-site is composted

  • We recycle everything that can be, including soft plastics and re-use any packaging that we can.

  • We endeavour to support manufacturers with good environmental practices and packaging – from recycled hand towels and TP to producers who keep plastic out of their supply lines 

  • Folks who bring in re-useable containers for coffee beans get bonus beans

  • In late 2021, we transitioned to compostable packaging for our beans

  • We try our hardest not to operate in ways that creates waste

    • we don't ship plants via external carriers, as they often end up dead or damaged

    • we deliver free to the local area to encourage shopping locally

    • we try to purchase as many of our plants from local growers (and we grow some ourselves!)

    • we don't sell tropical plants in a temperate climate where they struggle to thrive

Oh, and we're always looking for new ways to improve.

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